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Oregon Mint Mouth Melts

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Refresh, Cleanse, & Soothe with 
Tongue & Cheek Mouth Mouth Melts!

Tongue & Cheek Mouth Melts are dissolvable strips with a dual purpose. They refresh your breath from bad odors, cleanse your palate from lingering flavors (i.e. coffee, garlic, wine), and may also soothe mouth ailments such as canker sores, burns, bites and abrasions. Our magic ingredient Aloe is naturally cleansing and contains an abundance of antioxidant and antibacterial properties. This combined with our locally sourced mint provides a soothing and refreshing experience you'll enjoy long after the strip is gone. To use, simply place the strip on your tongue, cheek, or roof of mouth and allow it to fully dissolve. 


  • 30 Dissolvable Strips (3 packs of 10 strips)
  • Freshens Breathe
  • Cleanses Palate
  • Soothes Mouth Ailments
  • Quick Dissolving